Wednesday, February 3, 2010

"My 15 Minutes" by Elaine

What a wild night.....some of you already know....and now more of you do...that I entered an event on Regis and Kelly to win a date with this guy, Rich "Ack Ack" Ackerman. Unbeknownst to me at the onset, the event was to be set up as The Bachelor. I was invited to join 14 other women to meet and greet with Rich and Regis. It took place this evening at the Empire Hotel...and it was a blast. We started as 14 and after mingling and "one on ones," Rich had to pick six of us in a Golden Hockey Puck ceremony. I was chosen (3rd....phew) and moved on to the next round. In this round, Kelly and Rich's mom chatted with us and then they all conferred on narrowing 6 of us down to three. And lo and behold, I was given another Golden Hockey Puck!

Here's the very funny, slightly insane part.....America now gets to vote who Rich aka Ack Ack will take out for Valentine's Day. Yes, I said AMERICA GETS TO VOTE.. Crazy, I know....and so, I almost can't believe I'm saying this but, get online and vote for me!
I honestly don't know the details yet, but segments of our show will air Thursday, Friday, and Monday.
Pics attached from this evening of my new friend and co-hockey puck receiver, Samara. We really had a great time.....

PS My gorgeous outfit was styled by the fabulous ladies of Ambience in Edgewater in Cityplace....thanks Dorothy, Lisa, and Patty....Kelly commented how great it was!"

Elaine is wearing a fabulous Elizabeth and James Suzette Romper, available at Congratulations and good luck to Elaine!

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