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Friday, January 7, 2011

Spotlight SOLD Design Lab

Over the past few months, SOLD Design Lab has stolen our hearts (and our hips, our legs, our butts...). The "you will be SOLD on SOLD" moniker has lived up to the hype! So what is SOLD all about? There's no doubting that it's all about style, comfort and impeccable fit - and an in-depth interview with their PR company helps to shed some light on the ins and outs of this amazing brand.

What inspiration goes into designing a SOLD jean?
There are many elements, but beauty would be the one constant throughout the development process that I’m most motivated by. My goal is to make the most fantastic looking pair of jeans possible — from fit to finish – that makes a woman look beautiful. Every detail counts and nothing is too small to address in our endeavor to make a perfect pair of jeans.

What is your latest collection about?

We’re presenting fall and for this collection we’ve introduced several new specialty fabrics and 1 new silloute that we think is amazing. It’s called the baby bell and it can best be described as a hybrid between the bootcut and stovepipe cut. It has a very slimming affect on the body, but with a slight bell at the end to properly contour the shoe. It’s fantastic.

For fabrics, the one standout in the collection — although I love them all – is what we call butter. It has a very soft and supple hand to it, with over 40% stretch that is the perfect complement to our core offerings for fall and holiday.

Why did you decide to create your brand?

We felt there was an opportunity in the market place to offer the same quality product being produced by the other premium brands, but at a lower price point. With our expertise in manufacturing, we knew that this was possible and so we jumped in with both feet. We had also taken several months to develop an innovative product that we felt would translate well to the premium space.

What has been your favourite memory/experience since SOLD was founded?

Getting confirmation from several high end specialty stores that our pull on pant sold unbelievably well its first week out. It just made our dream of building a premium denim brand that much more attainable.

Do you have a favourite cut you have designed?

It would be our pull on skinny jean. Although, many would classify this pant as a jegging, it is not. Long after the jegging stops selling, and it will, our pull on pant will continue to sell because of its construction, fit, fabric, look and feel.

How many jeans do you own?

20 pairs

Which jean has been the most popular overall?

Pull on skinny jean

We all love denim, but what is it that makes denim so important to you?

Denim, in my opinion, goes well with just about everything, and there aren’t too many fabrics you can say that about. It’s an all purpose fabric for just about any occasion so I love its versatility.

What makes your brand so different from the others out there?

There are a few areas that make us unique:
1) We have a patent pending technology on the fit of our pull on pant, specifically the construction of the faux fly piece. We were also the first to market with a pull on jean sized alphanumerically.
2) We do a fitting and pattern on every wash and sillouette we run in production where most of the premium brands use only one pattern for their assortment of washes. This leads to sizing problems across different washes
3) We do all of our own washing in house in our own manufacturing plant

What is the best feature of a SOLD jean? (cut, fit, wash etc)

I think all 3 but I’m biased. I certainly think that we spend more time than our competition does on all of these elements.

How did you come up with the name SOLD Design Lab?

We all liked the idea of branding something as having been “sold”. We think it triggers an emotional response in the consumer by establishing perceived demand for the product through its name. Basically, if something is sold Its validated as having value. If it has value than people will demand it. The “Design Lab” part of the name is just to establish that we’re a design house that will continue to innovate through fabrics, wash, construction and style

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