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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Heartthrob Hits: Designer Wardrobe Ideas for V-Day

Valentine's Day is fast approaching, and whether you plan on spending it with a special someone - or just pampering yourself with some much needed "me time" - Ambience is the place to shop for some great romantic pieces! If you're stumped on what to wear, keep on reading for some tips and suggestions that will make your heart race.

The Alice + Olivia Nevula Dress is perfect for the glam fashionista ready to turn heads. This dress is a show-stopper, complete with keyhole back and metallic skirt.

Pair this beauty with some red lips and heels, then get ready to put your date into cardiac arrest.

Looking for something a little more festive? Something brighter? Eye catching, show stopping, jaw droppingly gorgeous? We understand! After all, what would V-Day be without a little red (or pink) dress? These pieces will give you an excuse to forgo your LBD...if just for one night.

So hold onto your hats, and make sure that your pacemakers are working, because it's about to get hot in here.

Sena Zip Back Dress. Make a grand entrance AND exit in this sexy cut out dress. Va-va-va-voom! Red hot siren, we think so.

The BCBG Color Combo Dress has got it all: sexy mesh yoke, sultry red fabric, and a silhouette that hugs every curve in all the perfect places. Drop dead sexy!

Okay, we've got to confess that we're crushing on the Flavio Castellani Ruched's fuchsia, ruched, body conscious. It's sexy, romantic, classic, and it even comes with detachable cami straps. Now if only it could make us breakfast in bed too...

If you want something a big more casual, check out the Nu by Mark Anthony Flamingo Jersey Halter Dress. It's made of a super soft material, with a fit that's so comfortable you could lounge around in it all day long. It's got ruffle detailing and a feminine silhouette, so you don't have to sacrifice romantic appeal for comfort.

We know what you're thinking. "Another Alice + Olivia??" Yes, another one! But really, we can't help it. This dress is beautiful, it takes our breath away. We'd give it a box of chocolates if we could. It's not a LBD, it's not a LRD, it's somewhere in between the two. A gorgeous mix of berry glitter on a dark's like a galaxy. Of love. Corny, yes we admit. But love does that to you. We love you, Jordan Jersey Dress! Be ours!!

So now that you've settled on a dress that will knock the socks off of everyone within a 4 mile radius, you need to accessorize! Luckily, we've got one of a kind jewelry, hand crafted - no two pieces are the same.

Oh, be still my heart! Dinah Saad of Designs by Dinah utilizes her amazing talent and craftsmanship by hand making some of the most beautiful jewelry we have ever seen. Berry and pink Swarovski crystals offset the polished metal of Berry Persuasion and So Irresistable. Aptly named, we think.

And don't forget, ladies. Just because love may be warming you up all nice and toasty on the inside, that won't stop the cold from getting through!

Keep warm all 'round while keeping with the color scheme of V-Day in the Paula Bianco Wrap Infinity Scarf in Fuchsia. The Kardashian sisters can't get enough of these vintage-style scarves.

We wish you all a Happy Valentine's Day from Ambience, may you wear your pieces well. ♥

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