Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Denim and Pinstripes and Bell Bottoms, Oh My!

The bell bottom is hot, this season is ALL about this vintage throwback. The silhouette is sexy, flattering to every shape, and let's face it - this cut makes a woman's legs look like they go on for miles. Who can complain about that?! Certainly not us.

Now as much as we love the cut of the bell, we love the fit and comfort of SOLD Design Lab just as much. Yup, the jeans that fit like a second skin and wear like your most trusted pajamas. Never one to be behind on the times, SOLD has not only pleased us with several sexy bell and flared offerings for Spring 2011...they have amped up their collection of versatile washes with pinstripe. Yes, pinstripe. Are you having flashbacks yet? We welcome this extra oomph to our new favorite cut with open arms!

We've discovered that one of the fantastic things about the pinstripe bell is that it's pattern makes it wearable with your other favorite denim pieces. You don't have to worry about overkill. And that's a relief - Saved by the Bell wasn't exactly the pinnacle of style (sorry, Screech!) Paired with a denim jacket, not only do these jeans refuse to clash - they pull the look together seamlessly. The look is modern, with a retro twist. Chic, sexy, urban and totally hot.

Get your mitts on these jeans before they sell out!

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