Monday, September 12, 2011

DL1961: The Perfect Fitting Jeans

Ambience is carrying DL 1961 jeans and the fit is amazing. The DL 1961 wax coated straight leg jean is flying out of the store. The 1961 Flare just arrived this week and we love it. They remain on trend with the colored jean as well. The DLI96I jeans claim that they have the first jeans that stay true to your body's shape, so you can say goodbye to jeans that lose their fit after you wear them a few times. Unlike any other jean around, DLI96Is are crafted with revolutionary four-way stretch denim. Which means you'll never have to worry about these jeans sagging, bagging or stretching out. Nice!!!!

The unique four-way stretch denim used by DLI96I retains its fit to your body for the long run (or walk, skip and dance). Even after multiple wears, these jeans will still fit perfectly. Wherever you put the most stress- the knees, inseam or back rise, DLI96I Jeans will take it and bear it with a graceful style never before found in denim.

So, as you try DL1961 on, remember, how they fit in the dressing room is how they'll fit tonight, tomorrow and on and on. It's DLI96I's way of turning the changing room into the fitting room, so you'll always have jeans that fit your body perfectly.

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