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Friday, September 9, 2011

Great Fashion For A Great Cause: Nightcap Clothing

NIGHTCAP Clothing stands for much more than just great fashion. They have joined the fight to SAVE WILD MUSTANGS. The facts are staggering as the wild mustang is already near extinction and the importance of the wild mustangs to our country, environment cannot be understated. Join the fight, support Nightcap’s efforts and make sure that they are preserved for the next generation. Take a moment and watch the video below.

Carisa Brambles
LA -based Fashion Designer founded Nightcap Clothing Company in 2006. Her collection continues to grow and flourish among over hundreds of boutiques and department stores worldwide. Brambles just opened her first store at 1225 Abbot Kinney Blvd, Venice CA. Carisa has been an avid equestrian rider since she was a child, and has an incredibly strong affection for horses. She is selling beautifully framed, one of a kind horse photographs and twenty percent of the proceeds go to benefit the wild horses. All of the photography was done by Carisa herself and the frames were all handmade by her husband, Chris. Her horse, Lamour is featured in the photographs as well.

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