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Monday, March 25, 2013

Grace Guido & Transformative Styling

Grace Guido has been styling women in the NYC area for more than 30 years.  From celebrities to Wall Street brokers and soccer moms to socialites, there is one core trait most of these women share. 

They are too hard on themselves.

A career of celebrity styling has proved to Grace that many women suffer from a low self-image.  That’s where Grace steps in with Transformative Styling, a personal styling technique that not only transforms a woman’s external appearance, but also lights up something within.

You Don’t Have to Start from Scratch
Grace starts the process by counseling women on their current closet. Most women already own pieces that are great for their physique; they simply need to modify how they are putting their outfits together.  Once a solid wardrobe foundation is set, she counsels on the types of additional pieces they should look for.

Silence the Critic Within (Because She’s Wrong)
Grace’s typical client falls between the ages of 35 and 55, a time when many women change their priorities and lifestyles.  They still want to dress fashionably, but often don’t know how to put their looks together.  The biggest obstacle, Grace notes, is their internal critic. “They are more concerned with hiding certain things about themselves and forget the big picture. These are beautiful women – but they look in the mirror and only see their faults.  That is the exact opposite of how I approach things.  I always look first at their assets.”

Grace uses styling to show the client that the negative voice in their head is dead wrong.  “Finding the right style… it’s a bit a therapy session. When I get it right, we completely shut down their internal critic.”

Identify Your Strengths
Identifying and enhancing your individual assets is at the heart of Transformative Styling. “I focus on playing up assets.  That’s where the psychological thing comes in. The right look will build confidence.  It will make you feel good about yourself… and that changes how you hold yourself.” 

When pressed for examples, Grace explains, “Self-proclaimed pear shape women look fabulous in fit and flare dresses. If you are busty, a V-neck really highlights your assets in a beautiful way. Apples look great in a bloussant above the knee dresses that showcase great legs. You can even go mini! Why not?”

In some cases, women come to Grace trying to camouflage the features they should be celebrating.  When asked to explain she laughs, “Swimmer’s shoulders! I love wide shoulders!  So sexy!  That is most definitely an asset.  It makes you look very fit.  You have no idea, but that is one of the sexiest assets!  You do NOT look like a man.  And yet, women will say… I hate my swimmer’s shoulders.  That misdirected negativity drives me crazy.”

Don’t Dress Your Age
Some of Grace’s clients also worry about dressing their age, but Grace just shakes her head.  “I don’t believe in declaring things off-limits.  I dress plenty of my older clients in leather pieces or sexy pencil skirts paired with a looser blouse, blazer or scarf… it looks elegant and shows off great legs.  And you know, women need different looks… some days you want to be sensual; some days you need a mommy day.  Your styling should be tied to reality.” 

Be the Best Version of Yourself
When you chat with Grace, it is clear she loves what she does and really truly cares for the women she styles.  “I love what I do because it has such a profound effect on how women perceive themselves.  When dressed right, they feel fabulous and it lights them up from within.  They stand a little taller, which in turn makes women look thinner, and more elegant.  I can’t tell you how many women leave here saying ‘I feel like I lost 10 pounds.’”

And looking at her clients, it is clear that a weight of some sort is certainly lifted.

About Grace Guido

Grace Guido is co-owner and head stylist at Ambience, a celebrated designer clothing boutique located in Edgewater NJ.  Ambience features a hand-selected collection of boutique dresses, designer denim, and more.  Ambience is inspired by the passion to transform women's sense of self through fashion.

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