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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Vogue Spotlight on Goldsign Jeans

At Ambience, Goldsign jeans are a customer favorite. Their quality and fit are exceptional, they are a brand you truly need to feel to believe.

"In the wake of devastating building collapses in factories in Bangladesh and Cambodia, the high cost of cheap production has once again been laid bare. It behooves us all to read labels. Here we profile ten designers who can trace the who, what, and where of their collections.

“Today, it’s about technology that lessens the need for hard labor,” says Adriano Goldschmied, Goldsign’s founder and creative director, and the man whom many consider to be godfather of great American denim-makers. Newly purchased machines in the designer’s Los Angeles factory use lasers to do the strenuous deed of distressing, making work at the facility easier on the 200-plus employees who produce all of Goldsign’s premium pieces, from fit to finishing. No one should have to suffer physically or mentally for a great pair of jeans, Goldschmied believes.

At the designer’s nearby laundry facility, where the fabric-innovation magic happens, extreme care has been taken in the last decade to filter and clean the water used for dying and rinsing. “We’re always changing our processes to be more eco-friendly, to save energy, to use less water,” says Goldschmied. “Now we’re working with chemicals that are designed to dissipate in the wash process 100 percent, so that they aren’t ever released into the atmosphere.” In truth, Goldsign jeans are like the triple threat of ethical fashion: made in the USA with equal emphasis on labor conditions and environmental impact. “For me,” says Goldschmied, “it’s about the big picture: being more sustainable for the people and the planet both.”'

Read the article here.

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