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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

The 3 Dresses You Need This Summer!

Summer dresses are hot. For the past month, our clients have been clamoring for the latest styles from designers like Baily 44, For Love and Lemons and Parker.  And with so many gorgeous dresses to choose from, it’s hard to know where to start!  That’s why we grabbed our head stylist, Grace, to give us a bit of guidance on which dresses are essential this summer and how to style them for any occasion.

When we sat down with Grace she was quick to point out that no matter what season it is, a woman should always have options.  Everyone has a different personality, style aesthetic and body type.  This is why stocking a variety of dress styles at Ambience in critical to her.  And while there should always be choice, Grace also notes that summer fashion does trend in one direction, “Summer is more of a relaxed mode. People like to be comfortable and not too overdressed.”  That means finding dresses that look and feel great in the heat.

The 3 Summer Dresses You Need

There are 3 styles of dress every woman should have in her wardrobe this summer: the maxi, the fit-and-flare, and the body conscious tank dress (aka the body con).  “A woman should have every one of these in her closet because there is a time and place for each one.  Some days a body con dress may not work, and then you can grab your maxi or fit and flare.  The right styling can make these dresses perfect for all sorts of activities.” 

Beyond dress style Grace also notes a couple huge summer trends to keep your eye out for – floral, Missoni-style prints, and white.  In fact, of all the trends, she foresees white to be the biggest.  “I suspect the all-white look will continue right through to winter.  Never underestimate a good winter white.”

The Maxi and the Hi-Low Maxi

Grace admits, the Maxi is really her personal favorite because of its versatility.  It can travel from beach to street to evening, dressed up of down.  “I have clients that go from brunch in the Hamptons to a pool party, to evening cocktails. It just looks great… refreshed and comfortable.”

This year a specific style of maxi is garnering a lot of attention – the high-low dress. Higher in front, this cut showcases your legs in a flattering and fun silhouette. “Those are flying off our shelves,” Grace agrees, “We have been selling tons maxis and high-low cuts this summer because it’s a no-brainer.  It’s a flattering style for everyone… you look stylish and are so, so comfortable.”
If you are wearing a maxi in the evening, she recommends a dress with a little bit of flow to it, which steps up the formality without sacrificing the summery vibe. She also likes seeing these paired with a bolero style jacket or a summer scarf.


Torn by Ronny Kobo Cristal Dress

The Fit-and-Flare

The fit and flare dress is perfect for the woman who wants a flattering, feminine, shorter dress that isn’t too tight.  Ideal for afternoon lunches or a casual dinner date, the fit and flare looks great on everyone.  “It looks like you stepped out of Vogue.  It’s a head turned in a very lady-like way… a soft, comfortable, sweet dress –that has a little kick to it.”

These dresses are romantic looking – elegant, body friendly, a little sexy without being garish, but still very comfortable.  Basically a home run for summer!  Pair it with pumps for a sophisticated look or some sandals or wedges for a more casual, refreshed look.

Body Conscious Tank Dresses

The name sort of says it all - this dress is all about the body.  A lot of ladies shy away from this style, but the right body con dress in the perfect fabric and pattern can make you feel like a million dollars.  The Torn by Ronny Kobo dress line, for example, applies a masterful use of patterns and color blocking to accentuate a woman’s body in a very favorable way. 

Body con dresses are inherently sexy (bod con + stilettos = wow), but if you want to “sweeten” up the look, simply add the right jewelry and shoe. Statement necklaces and a pair of sandals or flats will give the dress a stylish, daytime vibe. If you feel too exposed, simply add a light layer on top with some flow, like a crochet tunic or sheer blouse.

Have questions for our head stylist, Grace?  Post your comments below! 

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